Helen Oliveri Real Estate

What we Stand for:

You either have to be first, best or different...we strive to be all 3. We are "Your Best Move!"

  • The highest 5-Star Experience provided for every client
  • Highly ethical behavior and real estate professionalism
  • Innovation, growth and knowledge
  • Results – Your real estate dreams are our goals
  • Upholding our brand and promise to be “Your Best Move!”

Helen Oliveri Real Estate is dedicated to working hard and honoring our core values.  Each team member works tirelessly with a strict code of ethics to ensure we hold true to our beliefs and convictions.  We believe that our clients deserve this respect and level of dedication from us.  Our promise to you is to strive every day to uphold these ideals.

5-Star Client Experience - To be the best, you have to offer the best.  It is our mission to deliver you service exceeding your expectations.  From communication to marketing and even after the sale of your home, we work to go above and beyond the accepted standards.  Our raving fans will testify that our level of service is a true commitment to easing your stress and giving you the smoothest transaction possible.  To us, there is nothing more important than your 100% satisfaction and you deserve nothing less!

Real Estate Ethics and Professionalism – Your true character comes out when no one is looking.  There are limited and lacking standards of ethics and professionalism in our industry, but we hold ourselves to the highest of standards.  It is our belief that you should never wonder about someone’s honesty and integrity.   We don’t want to treat you how we want to be treated; we will treat you how you want to be treated!  We take pride in being not only being honest, but in showing respect to everyone we interact with.

Innovation, Growth and Knowledge – Real estate is an ever changing market.  Those who rest on their laurels end up becoming stagnant and falling behind.  Our team is committed to continuing our education to stay ahead of the curve.  We are always learning to use new technology and innovations to enhance your real estate experience.  From keeping up on current search engines and getting the best listing placement to new marketing trends and digital advancements we are always working to make sure your house gets the most exposure and the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Results – Your goals are our goals.  With an unlimited amount of data in today’s fast-paced digital world we know that you expect results.  We are committed to making sure your experience is nothing short of amazing, and that means the trust you put in us to get you those results will be justified.  You don’t need to take our word for it… with our proven track record of success and the testimonials of our “raving fans” you can rest assured that we will get you the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Our Brand – Our brand promises that we are Your Best Move, which is why we work so hard to live up to that promise.  From the newest and best technology to cutting-edge and innovative marketing and communication to providing the best client experience, everything we do exemplifies our promise to you…. A promise that we take very seriously.  We will do everything we can to go beyond your expectations and be Your Best Move in real estate.

Our Key Difference

Not all agents are the same.  Don’t settle for a sub-par agent who will do a little more than put a sign in the yard and a listing on the MLS.  Helen Oliveri Real Estate believes in the ultimate customer experience from great communication to results with care and respect for you and your house.  With a team of highly efficient and specialized professionals focusing on their individual role in reaching that goal we are able to utilize the best technology and practices to exceed your expectations.  We balance the technology and benefits of a large team, with the care and individual attention of a personalized agent through the leadership of Helen Oliveri.  That is our key difference.

Mission Statement

We believe in 100% full service real estate. That is our guarantee to you. First class customer service, a tireless work ethic and effective marketing are the cornerstones to success. Providing our clientele’ with ground breaking technology, sound business advice and ultimate results is our number one priority. These are the key ingredients to top notch professional full service real estate.

In this goal, our company is compartmentalized and focused on key aspects of real estate to ensure your experience is 100% superb. Meet our team of professionals and confidently know you are making Your Best Move.

The Team Concept

Helen Oliveri Real Estate works as a singular, solid unit to provide the best for our clients.  While a “jack of all trades” sounds compelling, let’s not forget that he is the “master of none.”  By compartmentalizing our team we are able to focus on the part that we love doing and master it to perfection.  We are also able to keep up on new advancements and technologies within those areas to constantly be improving our service to you. Being passionate about our individual duties (such as marketing or working with buyers) allows us to continue learning and growing for further success and provide you with the amazing service you should expect from your real estate team. With Helen overseeing every step, you can be assured that you will get the results you want.
  • The Listing Specialists Team – When you list with Helen, you work with Helen directly, but she will utilize her team of listing specialists to assist and expedite the tasks involved in getting your house sold.  Using Helen’s expertise and market knowledge, fierce negotiating skills and extensive networking we will create a specific and aggressive marketing strategy to get you top dollar in any market.
  • The Buyer Specialist Team – With a passion for helping buyers find their dream home at the best possible price, the buyer specialists are experts in listening, understanding your needs and negotiating on your behalf.  Rigorous and continuous training by Helen ensures the team has the skills and knowledge to represent your interests.
  • The Marketing and Web Team -   Living in a digital world, we know that it takes technology and creativity to draw the attention of buyers.  Staying at the forefront of marketing trends and digital systems, we create more than just a listing for your house.  Spending over $100,000 in print marketing with unique, custom property brochures and magazine/newsletter ads to digital, video and social media marketing we present your house in an elegant and desirable package to get the most exposure and attention for you.
  • The Administrative Team -   It’s our pleasure to manage the details of your 5-star experience.  We focus on minutia from scheduling appointments with home inspectors, appraisals, working with attorneys, maintaining files and accuracy through the closing of your home with a friendly and considerate manner.  Our professionalism is driven by the need to give you best customer care and first class service while we seamlessly take care of every detail for you.
  • The Field/Maintenance Team – Listing with Helen Oliveri Real Estate means you get our 100% full service MORE initiative.  From posting and maintaining the care of the signage to full care of vacant houses we provide protection for our listings.  When you chose us, you get the full package.  If your house is vacant we will include these services free of charge including weekly inspections, lawn care, snow removal and running the water and other utilities for maintenance.

Our key difference is that our entire team comes together to ensure your goals are met through hard work, dedication and making your real estate dreams come true.  Helen Oliveri Real Estate is your best move!

To discuss your real estate goals and find out how we can put these ideals to work for you, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].